take a picture! and answer your phone lol

yes sorry mom


i already washed off unfortunately but have this super attractive pic anyway, because you’re the cutest

night <3

had a little mascara on for the first time in ages

litterally everyone i’ve met has told me “wow you look really nice today” including my own sister

which just makes me think i look like shit usually





how did the word “ship” even come to describe two people/characters that you like to pair together

what if it was called a car

i car these characters so hard

carring wars

your car sucks mine is better it’s canon

i will go down with this truck





VALA: This is all about noble sacrifice for you, isn’t it!
CAM: Oh yeah, I’m sorry, what about you?
VALA: What?
CAM: When you flew that cargo ship into the gap of the supergate, you knew damn well that you might not come out the other side alive.
VALA: No, that was different.
CAM: Yeah, different because you were the one taking the risk.
Stargate SG-1 | 10x11 “The Quest (Part 2)”


JOHN: Aeryn, you don’t know what to do.
AERYN: You will talk me through it. You will get help and you will not argue with me on this one.
JOHN: Damn it! This is not something I can coach you through! It’s half intuition, it’s half feeling. I know it like I invented it.
AERYN: So, it’s your life for everyone else’s?
JOHN: And you’re different how?
AERYN: I’m different because I love you.
Farscape | 3x15 “Infinite Possibilities (Part 2): Icarus Abides”
it is not our fight. 
it is our fight. 


I'll be your guide, take the hand of your muse.
You just might lose your way in the land of Illusia!

Callisto sings the Song of Illusia (“The Bitter Suite” 3.12)

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